Get out the starting blocks with O2Touch

If you are not sure how to get involved and just want to try out a practice touch session, well, you are in luck.



With all the O2Touch leagues being run throughout the UK and with the fourth and final O2 Tour having taken place late September in London, many teams and players are wondering where they go to from here?

How can they continually improve their knowledge, skills and experience of touch throughout the year?

Well, the answer is simple. There are many late summer, autumn and winter leagues being run in London to help these players and clubs ensure they practice what they have learnt in the summer months and continue to improve their game.

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O2Touch is the starting block for what is the fastest growing team sport in the UK.

Over 6,000 players – male and female, young and old – participate in all the O2Touch leagues, with another 8,000 playing through the year in informal O2 Touch games and sessions. The question we are getting a lot of here at In2Touch, from many players, is can they get more involved in playing touch – and where?

The answer is YES. There are so many ways in which everyone can get playing more and potentially play for one of the Home Nations. That’s right, you could play for England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales or even Jersey and Guernsey. Every two and four years the European Touch Championships and Home Nations tournaments take place respectively.

There are a few steps to take before anyone can play for their country. It starts by registering and playing in one of the many O2Touch leagues that are run throughout the year. Then find out when the trials are for the regional teams that participate in the Nationals each year. These trials provide the national selectors and coaches with the opportunity to see what exciting new and old talent the O2Touch leagues have found. There are open men’s, ladies and mixed teams within the England national set-up, not forgetting the over-35 and senior divisions that provide many young-at-heart veterans of the game to continue to play at a level best suited to their experience and physical abilities.

One young lady who has benefitted from playing in the O2Touch leagues is Carlie Hoffman. For four seasons, Carlie has played in the summer O2Touch leagues and more recently she got involved and started playing for a touch club in London in the NTS. With Carlie’s dedication and enthusiasm for the sport, she was recently selected to represent the Ladies South East Taipan’s touch team in the National Touch Tournament taking place on 8 and 9 August in Cambridge.

If you are not sure how to get involved and just want to try out a practice touch session, well, you are in luck.

In conjunction with the RFU, O2 and O2Touch, there will be taster sessions throughout the Rugby World Cup being held in a park near you.

More information will be released on these at a later date. In the meantime, you can keep up to date with all the upcoming leagues and taster session dates on our website: