Free O2Touch training at Regent’s and Richmond

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Free O2Touch training at Regent’s and Richmond

With the Rugby World Cup taking place during September and October, In2Touch along with O2Touch we will be offering free taster/training sessions to the public.



These sessions will take place at three of the London O2Touch venues. Whether you are a complete novice and you and your friends are interested in trying touch for the very first time, or have played in one of the O2Touch leagues before and are looking to improve your knowledge and skills of the game, these sessions are designed for everyone – and will take you through the game step by step.

Ending off the sessions by playing a friendly game will only help put to practice what you have just been taught and give you a chance to ask any questions you may have for the coaches.

Our coaches will be there to take you through a few drills, run you through game situations and provide you with tips and ideas on how you can approach the game, which you can take back to your teams and pass on the information you have gathered. This will make sure everyone gets involved, understands the game and enjoys their time on the field.

Our coaches have coached touch – whether it be at club, regional or national level. They will have also played for England at some point in their career, whether it was at a World Cup tournament, European or Home Nation Championship.

Here are all the details on when the sessions will take place in London..

September (sessions will be from 6:30pm to 7:30pm)

  • Monday  – Clapham Common
  • Monday  – Richmond
  • Tuesday  – Regent’s Park

October (sessions will be from 10:30am to noon)

  • Saturday  – Regent’s Park
  • Sunday – Clapham Common
  • Sunday – Richmond

Should you or your friends and family be interested in taking part in these free taster/training sessions; please contact us: [email protected].