Four simple ways to fall proof your home

Researchers have found that 6 out of 10 falls happen within the home environment. Although it is funny when someone falls down, the aftermath is not as hilarious.



Slippage and falling can not only lead to serious injury, but sometimes it can turn to be fatal too. Therefore, it is highly important for you to fall proof your home, especially if you have young children or older adults in your family. The following are some ways in which you can achieve this goal.

1. Invest in Rugs

Most people are vulnerable to this accident due to nature of the floor. Tiles and some other types of flooring have a tendency to get easily slippery. This is why it is best to cover this surface with high quality rugs. When you purchase rugs Melbourne, make sure to place them near your bathroom. Since these areas get wet easily, there are more susceptible for slippage. Furthermore, you can also place these rugs at the end of the stairs to make sure that you will not slip when you are in a hurry. If you think that the rug might slip off, do know that you can stick to the floor by using double side tape.

2. Arrange Your Furniture

The way in which your furniture is arranged can affect this matter to a great extent. For instance, if there is too much furniture in your living room, you are more likely to slip and fall. When you reduce the amount of furniture in a space, not only do you have more room to walk, but you will also not knock into things all the time.

3. Get Rid of Clutter

You need to get rid of anything that stands in your way. The walking path and floor space needs to be free of clutter. Remove anything that might make you fall or trip when you walk. This includes telephone wires, furniture pieces and pet bowls. If you have kids at home, make sure that all their toys are put back in place once the playing is over. Even the tiniest piece of Lego can turn out to be a threat to your safety.

4. Light Up the Space

Once of the main reasons why people fall inside their home is the insufficient lighting. When you cannot see what lies on the floor, you will definitely trip and fall. This is why you need to have a night light in areas such as your bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. Also, make sure to have a light near the staircase as well. It is best to keep a flashlight next to your bed too. Moreover, you also need to light up the doorways, walkways and your garage and basement too.


Following any of the above will enable you to make your home a less dangerous space and thereby will make you less susceptible to slippage. Apart from these, it is also important for you to stay physically active. If you involve yourself in lower-body exercises and balances exercises, it will definitely help you to prevent falls in general.