Flashmob haka thrills in Trafalgar Square

Proud Kiwis thrilled onlookers with a flashmob Haka in Trafalgar Square on Sunday.



IT seemed like it was over before it began, but for a couple of short minutes on Sunday, London’s Trafalgar Square was turned into a little slice of New Zealand.

Around 100 people took part in a flashmob Haka, organised by Ngati Ranana, the London Maori Club.

On the stroke of 1.30pm, seemingly innocent visitors began assembling in the middle of the square, performed a Haka, before dispersing back into the crowd.


Bruce Simpson, from Ngati Ranana and the Manaia Performance Group, said it was held to conincide with the visit to the UK of both the All Blacks and the Maori All Blacks.

“Mainly it was to show to show Kotahitanga  amongst the Kiwi in London.

“It was about sharing today, if it was anything, Kopapa is about sharing that pride and mana of New Zealanders for the All Black team and the Maori team, but also to show that we have the Kotahitanga, that oneness, and that’s what Haka is about, moving together as one, coming together as one.”

The performance thrilled both tourists and New Zealanders who had heard something was brewing in the square, and prompted more than one comments from homesick Kiwis about how much they missed home.