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Fake celebrity images break NZ internet

Jennifer Lawrence broke NZ internet provider Spark. Well, sort of…


How excited can you get about some nudie celebrity pictures? In the case of New Zealand it would appear that a small section of the population can get excited enough to break the internet.

The recently leaked images of various US celebrities online are reported to have caused a total shutdown of the internet with NZ’s main service provider, Spark (the rebranded version of the Telecom Corporation). A small number of users are believed to have clicked on malicious links last week in the hope of catching a glimpse a nude Jennifer Lawrence or a more-than- revealing Rihanna but ending up spreading enough malware to cripple the entire network.

More than 600,000 users were reportedly affected, taking Spark the majority of the weekend to get back up on its legs. Meanwhile it is unclear whether the leak, which had been caused by an cyber-attacks on Apple’s iCloud storage system, could happen again or if Spark has taken necessary precautions to avoid a repeat.

Online users have been told to refrain from clicking on any links advertising naked images of celebrities.




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