Facepalm: ACT leader drops fat f-bomb on NZ First candidate

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Facepalm: ACT leader drops fat f-bomb on NZ First candidate

ACT leader David Seymour has sworn at New Zealand First candidate Richard Prosser – and criticised his weight.


daviid seymour

Seymour made the comments at a Business New Zealand conference this week, after Prosser had spoken about re-nationalising power companies.

“I realise that in a role such as mine you’re supposed to have a certain amount of decorum but that makes me really angry. What a f**king idiot. I mean, seriously, you know. I mean, what an idiot,” said Seymour.

“But that’s actually the reality and that’s someone who, you know, can barely manage his own diet and exercise regime and thinks that he’s going to be managing a ministerial post and actually could be, we shouldn’t joke about it.”

Mercury Energy general manager Tony Nage had asked Prosser how he would pay for a scheme nationalising New Zealand’s power companies.

“You said that you were going to nationalise or re-nationalise the electricity companies. Just a very quick calculation in my head, that would be around $11 or $12 billion, so how are you going to fund that?” asked Nage.

Prosser replied: “This is not going to be ‘write a cheque today and go try cash it tomorrow’. These institutions would be purchased back at whatever they were sold for and not more than that. We signalled that a couple of years ago.”