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Entertaining activities to do with teenagers

Here are some great activities you can do with your teenage son or daughter.


Go For a Fun Festival

Choose something you both or the entire family can enjoy. If the festival is exclusively for the teens they might not like the idea of bringing the parents along. Try out things like a book fair, a tech expo or even a new car launch. They would love the fact that you are there to foot the bill and it is a great way to bond with them from your side.

Go Shopping With Them

This might work great with the girls. A great time shopping in the favourite stores and getting a mani-pedi or a small makeover will be something they cannot say no to. You can get the cranky teen boys out of the house promising them a few things from their favourite stores.

Camp Out with the Teenagers

Suggest a camp night out with your teenagers. You can even ask them to invite a few friends. Or you can make it an exclusive family event if you are planning to bond with your kids. You can make a few s’mores, sing a few campfire songs and swap stories. You can try out easy and cheap campervan hire for the camp out.

Get Them Do To a Sport

If your teenager is a sports fan, this will come easy. Or you can bring back any shared sport preferences you two enjoyed when he or she was small. You can practice in the backyard or even take them out to the nearby grounds to enjoy a few hours throwing a ball or something. You can even go out to see a few games if you get the teen to share your interest in sports.

Get Them Interested In a Musical Instrument

This will work great if the musical talent runs in the family. If you are also great with an instrument, it will be easier for you to get the teenager interested in taking it up. You can even share your interests in a particular music band or even an artist. You can try out attending one of their shows or even follow their tours across the country.

Take Time Out and Eat Out

Take your teen out once in a while and have dinner. You can take the entire family with you or if the teen prefer you can eat out just with them. You can involve them in the restaurant choosing process and make them feel like they belong and their decision actually matters.

Go River Rafting

If you have a little daredevil in the both of you, river rafting will definitely come in handy. It is much better than letting them run around in the skateboard park. You can also get some fresh air with your child and get that dose of adrenaline no teen can say no to!

Get Charitable With the Child

You can gather up some used clothes with your teen and donate them to the homeless. You can even start preparing some food with your child and donate them to the poor. Remember to involve them in both the processes.