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Eight easy tips to clean your house

Kids or no kids, pets or no pets, you need to keep your house clean at all times.


If you are looking for easy ways to keep your house clean without the use of harmful chemicals, here are some great tips!

Start With DIY’ing Your Own All-Purpose Cleaner

Gather up an empty spray bottle and combine four tablespoons of baking soda with 1 quarter of lukewarm water. You do not have to add any harmful chemicals the likes of chlorine or anything! This is great way to wipe away all the messes.

Do Not Forget To Clean Your Carpet

If you have a carpet covering your floor, do remember to put it through proper carpet cleaning. If you have a lot of foot traffic, kids or even pets, you might want to get your carpet cleaned by professionals and often. Sure, the carpets look great, but they tend to retain dust, dirt and germs that might pose a threat to the kids with growing immune systems and the dust particles might be a problem to asthma patients.

Put an End to the Smelly Sneaker Issue

Have a lot of kids who throw away their sneakers after coming home from practices? You can not only freshen up their sneakers but also yours after a Zumba class or a good run, by sprinkling a fistful of baking soda inside the sneakers. Take a shot at the gym bag while you are at it too. Just tap the powder out before you use them again. You will amazed by the results.

Take Care Of The Colouring Efforts Of The Creative Kids!

Do you have creative kids that would draw on practically everything? Use a bit of toothpaste on their artwork drawn on wood. This is a handy trick, but try to get to it as soon as possible after they have completed the “artwork”.

A Great Way to Remove the Stink from You Garbage Disposal

Sounds like something hard to deal with when you are in the kitchen, right. Make sure that you run a few peels of lemon through the garbage disposal in your sink. Follow the job with cold water to get rid of any residual smells. Make this a habit and do this every time you use the garbage disposal if possible.

Freshen Up Your Kids’ Soft Toys

Your kids’ fluffy pals might need a several baths once in while through your washing machine too! You might see a lot of lint on the toys once you have put them through the machine. This is where you should use your lint roller.

How to Wipe Out All the Doodles on the Wall

Keep encouraging your kid’s artistic work all the while keeping your walls clean. Once they are done with the job, kneel down there with a dampened sponge sprinkled with some baking soda and start wiping away. Use some elbow grease if needed.

De-Funking Your Hairbrushes the Right Way

Take out the hair products that were built-up using a sudsy solutions made with a few drops of dish soap mixed up with some warm water.