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Dunedin man fined after illegal hunting tragedy

A Dunedin District Court case about tragic hunting accident near Timaru last April has come to an end, with Dunedin hunter Craig Harris fine $1000 for illegal hunting.


Harris was hunting at night with his friend Murray Edge (pictured) when the pair deviated from their legally permitted area, and crossed into a neighboring farm, thereby trespassing.

The pair then saw lights in the distance, having shot a deer, and became concerned at being caught, so took off running. They lost sight of each other, and Edge tumbled down a ravine.

His body was found a month later after a long search mission.

The judge in the case against Harris, Dominic Flatley, told the accused that the tragedy would not have happened if they had respected the law, and that Harris would “carry the consequences of your mate’s death for the rest of your life.”

Harris was supported in court by his friend’s widow, and his case was helped by the fact that he had donated $1000 to the search and rescue effort.