Dress for success at the In2Touch Social World Cup

Dress for success at the In2Touch Social World Cup

The annual In2Touch Social World Cup takes place on 5 September at King George’s Park, Wandsworth.



This is one tournament that many of the London touch players cannot wait to get out on the field for – and enjoy the best touch has to offer. The social and family aspect – and all-round enjoyment of playing in this fancy dress tournament – is like no other.

The teams turn up in their fancy-dress outfits and play the whole day in them and then head to the pub in the same outfits. Indeed, money and time well spent!

The In2Touch Social World Cup is a sort after touch tournament that, those who know about, plan their September around. 20 countries from around the world are randomly selected and each team is given that country to dress up as and represent.

Past winners of the best-dressed team were teams that came as IKEA staff after being given Sweden. There were animal and safari onsies for the team that were given South Africa – and French mimes for, you guessed it, France.

For the regulars to this tournament, it’s not just about the outfits, it’s about experiencing the culture of that county for one day and then bringing, cheese, baguettes, grapes and wine as their only food and beverage for the day. The French team definitely brought in a new level. For all the past fun in pictures, head here: previous Fancy Dress Social World Cups.

Apart from the dress-up. there is some fantastic touch played. With pool stages, quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals, each team gets a chance to play many of the countries on the day.

With many of London’s top touch clubs playing, the level does not drop just because it is social. It is a tournament and, if you enjoy winning, that desire and passion to play the game light-heartedly will still push you to want to win.

What is also amazing to see is the way the day brings out friends, wives, husbands and children. Many players who do not have to time to devote nights to playing in the touch leagues will take this opportunity to get on the field while having their newborn and partner there watching and enjoy a great day out in the park.

You may have missed out on getting a team together, but you do not have to miss out on the day. Come on down to King George’s Park in Wandsworth, just off Kimber Road on Saturday, 5 September. The tournament starts at about 10am and runs all the way through to 4pm. Come down, even its just for an hour, and watch how touch can change your social life in a good way.  Otherwise, come and join us at the afterparty at GJ’s, also in Wandsworth.

For more information on all the upcoming leagues, tournaments and to see many of the photo’s that were taken over the summer touch season, be sure to visit the In2Touch website and Facebook page.