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Collins saved his daughter’s life

Jerry Collins’ final action was to protect his daughter in the car crash that killed the former All Black and his partner.



According to a police report, investigations are ongoing to see if Collins’ partner Alana Madill fell asleep at the wheel of the car.

Collins was asleep in the back seat, and is believed to have dived across to protect his daughter after the initial crash just before the car was hit by a bus on June 5.

Ayla Collins, who was just ten weeks old at the time of the crash, was taken to hospital with bleeding on the brain.

After initially being treated in France, she has moved to Canada, where her maternal grandparents are based, and is receiving care in Winnipeg.

While Collins’ actions saved his daughter’s life, she is expected to require ongoing care because of the injuries suffered in the accident.

“Ayla continues to make encouraging progress as assessed through comprehensive medical tests undertaken upon her arrival to hospital in Canada; and many follow up appointments are arranged for her over the coming weeks and months to monitor her future health status,” said a statement released by the family earlier this month.

“Current medical opinion is that, sadly, little Ayla will likely suffer ongoing disabilities the full extent of which cannot yet be known. Ayla will need intense ongoing care.”