Christchurch rocked by string of moderate earthquakes

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Christchurch rocked by string of moderate earthquakes

A series of earthquakes, ranging in intensity, have rocked Christchurch this week, with the latest one, at 3.8 on the Richter Scale, coming on Friday night.


On the weekend, just before Valentine’s Day on Sunday, a 5.7 quake hit the city, and then Thursday saw another, at 4.3 on the scale. A number of cricketers from Australia and New Zealand, in town for the second Test, tweeted about feeling the earth shake.

Then a third on Friday night put everyone on guard again. Australia captain Steve Smith said he and the players were aware of the timing of these quakes, five years after the devastation that the city is still recovering from.

Smith said on Cricinfo: “The security side of our team’s given us a few pointers of what to do if there was a big earthquake. And obviously on Monday it’s five years since the big earthquake.

“I guess until you’ve been here it’s hard to fathom what has actually happened in Christchurch, and you really feel for the people that experienced what went on five years go. It’s a tough time for the people of Christchurch.”

Meanwhile, seismologist John Ristau said in the NZ Herald of the second quake on Thursday: “The majority of reports were from people in Christchurch.

“There was also a few felt reports from as far south as Dunedin.

“People in Wellington and Gisborne also reported feeling the quake but it’s highly unlikely they felt it. They probably felt a separate smaller, localised quake.

“A few things may have fallen off shelves, but I would be surprised to hear if there was much damage because of its offshore location.”

Here’s some spectator footage of the cliff that collapsed into the ocean after the first quake on the weekend:

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