Career Progression for Teachers in the UK

When making the move to the UK from New Zealand, few of us imagine our plans extending beyond our initial visas.



Most teachers return home brimming with excitement to recount European adventures, and to continue their lives-on-hold. Some however choose to remain, as along with great experiences- the UK also offers promising career development, especially in the Education sector.

Being an Education recruitment consultant means I am in constant contact with a wide base of staff from a variety of London’s Schools. While the majority of the Senior Leadership are British trained teachers who have worked through the ranks, an increasing number are expats from Australia and New Zealand who’ve prospered the UK system.

One example of this success is Lucas; the new SENCo within an inner city London Primary school. Lucas has been in the country for 6 years thanks to dual NZ and UK citizenship, and admits he never intending staying this long:

“I began my UK life as a supply teacher in London. I worked and travelled and generally had a great time- and always thought I’d eventually fly back home. But the longer I stayed- the more jobs were thrown at me, until I eventually agreed to a part time class teacher role. After taking an interest in Special Education my role quickly developed in to a full-time SENCo position… I definitely never saw myself following this path- but now with our Deputy Head on maternity leave it looks like I might be stepping up again!”

Lucas attributes his success to the quality of training and experience he gained in New Zealand.  After a short time spent adapting to the UK curriculum he found that his prior experience and training gained at home was sufficient enough for him to succeed in some of London’s most competitive schools. Lucas now actively seeks expat staff for his school- citing a confidence in their home-grown ability, and the desire for familiar accents.

Cases like Lucas’ are fast becoming the norm, especially with the increased demand for quality teachers in the UK Education system. Whether you’re looking for supply work to fund travelling- or a full time role with real career progression, there’s never been a better time to relocate.

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