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And the prize of best-designed government in the world goes to…

…New Zealand! And an American political analyst will tell you why exactly



New Zealand has the best-designed government in the world, according to an American political analyst, who weighed up all the factors needed to create reliable political representation. Dylan Matthews said in an interview that New Zealand’s government is set up as the best in the world, as part of an analysis of the recently held elections in NZ.

“New Zealand’s parliament is better designed than just about any other developed country government,” Matthews said, giving three important reasons for his conclusion. Chief among them he cited New Zealand’s electoral system, the Mixed Member Proportional (MMP), introduced in 1996, as the leading factor to ensure proper governance.

“MMP discourages the kind of excessive party formation that happens under pure party-list representation, while still ensuring that smaller parties get some say.”

He also praised New Zealand’s constitutional monarchy, guaranteeing a long-serving ceremonial head-of-state, the Queen, whose arbitrating power is extended all the way to NZ through the role of the Governor General. He also went on to praise New Zealand’s unicameral parliament.

“It’s worth emphasising how rare MMP is: only four countries (Germany, New Zealand, Lesotho, and Romania) use it. And none of the other three can claim New Zealand’s other big advantage – unicameralism. New Zealand isn’t alone in having a unicameral parliament. Sweden, Norway, Finland, Portugal, Denmark, Israel, Iceland, and Taiwan do as well, to name a few. But [New Zealand] stands out for being unicameral while still modelled after the British system.

With so much praise being sung for our Kiwi nation, it’s hard not to feel privileged to come from such a strong tradition of democracy and good governance. NZ for the win!




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