Alleged New Zealand drug trafficker ‘kept yelling’ at officials

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Alleged New Zealand drug trafficker ‘kept yelling’ at officials

A New Zealand woman has been arrested on the Indonesian island of Bali for allegedly bringing meth into the country, and bystanders say she was ‘yelling’ for ages when detained.


Myra Williams

The woman, who has been named as Myra Williams in the Indonesian media though this has not been officially confirmed, was stopped upon landing in Bali on 31 August, and was found to have 0.82g of meth on her person.

Holly Potton, a tourist from Auckland, was waiting for her bags during the commotion, and told the New Zealand Herald: “She kept yelling that she didn’t feel safe.

“She was yelling that she had been ‘in that little room all f***ing day’.”

Potton added that the woman resisted when officials tried to restrain her: “At which point she resisted further and sat on the ground. She sat on the [ground] there abusing female staff and she yelled several times…”

Senior barrister Craig Tuck told the newspaper that Indonesia is infamous for using tourists to set an example about drugs, and being caught with even the smallest amount could result in the death penalty.

Tuck said: “They take every opportunity when they catch a foreigner to put them in an orange jumpsuit, put balaclavas on and machine guns and tell the local media and the international media just how it rolls.

“They consider foreigners bringing drugs into the country is colonising the country, it certainly has a lot of detrimental effects on the community and they’re responding with pretty brutal tactics including firing squads for some.”

The New Zealand embassy and Foreign Ministry are involved in the case, though would not confirm the woman’s identity.