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All ladies team dominate the Canary Wharf Active Touch Winter Season

Canary Wharf is host to some Active Touch action this season


An all Ladies team are the ones to beat in the Canary Wharf Active Touch Winter Season.

Active Touch is an indoor spinoff of Touch in the UK for the offseason/winter period. It is a fantastic way of keeping fit, socialising and staying dry on those glorious rainy days. The game is a mixed sport so it is played with four players, two girls and two guys and games are 30 minutes long.

Active Touch

This Active Touch Winter season has just begun and already there was an upset as the team who won last season played the new all Ladies team. The Ladies team made a fantastic effort in defense to keep out as many touchdowns as possible and took advantage of quick turnovers which helped in many of their touchdowns. They showed great skills, communication and even defending the guys seemed easy. However it was only the first week of the league with six more to come, so we will see how they do throughout the season.

One of the Ladies team players, Claire Risk, had this to say on how she enjoys Active Touch I love the fact that I get to meet new people and play indoors every Monday especially during the winter period. I am a very active person and I personally get a different kind of workout each time I play this sport. Playing Active Touch is awesome and great for fitness but it also allows us all to go to the bar afterwards and get to know so many different people!” Claire plays Active Touch on Mondays at Canary Wharf.

If you would like to join any of these Active Touch Leagues we do have space for a few more players at Canary Wharf on Mondays and Wandsworth on Tuesdays in the individual teams. There are also new touch leagues starting on the 15 February, the Sunday Winter League at Clapham Common which has Mens, Ladies and Mixed Divisions and runs for eight weeks.

Please contact us on [email protected] to see how to join in with the fun or you can have a look on our website, www.in2touch.com/uk

Originally published on TheSouthAfrican.com