Air New Zealand weathering the marketing storm

Air New Zealand’s marketing has been pretty spot on over recent times, particularly their clever videos. This, however, is not going to help their cause to look after new customers and gain new ones.



An Air New Zealand fight was hit by lightning recently, with several passengers detailing the ‘nightmare’ experience.

Flight NZ433 was forced to turn back to Auckland, from Wellington, after the thunderous bolt struck the aircraft.

“This is something aerophobia nightmares are made of. When the lightning hit everyone screamed, the light ripped through the aircraft,’ a passenger told Fairfax Media.

An Air New Zealand spokesperson added: “The aircraft will undergo standard engineering checks before returning to service. Lightning strikes are not uncommon and aircraft are designed with this in mind.”

Meanwhile, an Air New Zealand plane had to return to Palmerston North Airport amid hydraulics problems earlier this week.

Emergency services were deployed, after passengers were told to brace for a rough landing, but the plane – thankfully – managed to touch down safely.

Levin resident Tony Collis was on the flight NZ5106 – and told the NZ Herald: “After 15 minutes in flight, we were told the hydraulics brakes had stopped working, that we were going to fly around in circles for an hour or so to use up fuel before landing back in Palmerston North.

“They reminded us of our brace positions and that if the back-up brakes didn’t work as well as hoped that they might end up on the grass at the end of the runway.”

“There was a lot of tension. I was nervous. I think everyone was a bit nervous. But we landed without incident. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief and then there was spontaneous applause.”

Not at all a good start to the week for Air New Zealand, indeed.