Air New Zealand safety video amazes Hobbit fans and ad industry

Forget the rest: the new safety video onboard Air New Zealand is simply epic


Air travel will never be the same again – not after Air New Zealand created a new benchmark for travel safety videos that outshine even the boldest attempts to date.

Set entirely in Middle Earth, the star-studded cast interact with Air New Zealand staff, promoting both one of the most innovative brands in air travel while also cheering for the upcoming release of the next installation in the “Hobbit” series.

Even the advertising industry can’t stop talking about the viral campaign that followed the release of the clip, with industry publication ADWEEK saying it is one of the best contemporary campaigns in advertising.

The premise is simple: Air New Zealand takes you on a flight to J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth. Elijah Wood himself walks passengers through parts of what has aptly been coined “The Most Epic Safety Video Ever Made”, while director Sir Peter Jackson adds further factoids to ensure your safety onboad.

Sir Jackson explains that he had a lot of fun on the production set, and adds that he looks forward to seeing the video onboard when he travels to London for the World Premiere.

“Air New Zealand has created yet another fantastic video to celebrate The Hobbit films. This latest offering combines members of our cast and our locations with Air New Zealand’s unique personality,” Sir Peter said.

Jodi Williams, head of Global Brand Development at Air New Zealand, explains that the partnership between the Hobbit films franchise and the national carrier has helped to draw attention to both brands while making tourism in New Zealand more attractive as well.

“We are very proud to be the official airline of Middle-earth and have worked hard over the past three years to create highly effective global marketing campaigns, including distinctive branded aircraft and Hobbit-inspired online content.”

If you happen to live under a rock on the dark side of Middle Earth and have somehow managed to miss the outstanding safety video, which has been making the rounds all over social media, please do yourself a favour and watch it here:



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