Why advertise with New Zealand Times?

  • Kiwis in the UK are extremely skilled, highly motivated individuals with a great sense of adventure and a high disposable income, making them very responsive and valuable customers to the right businesses.
  • For, by and about Kiwis in the UK, New Zealand Times specialises in just targetting our community – and so can your advertising campaign.
  • When in the UK, Kiwis trust and utilise the businesses advertised through New Zealand Times. Our readers mean good business for our advertisers.

Where to advertise

Websites / eNews / social media

Brand new New Zealand Times website: First launched in 2004, the website attracted approx: 10,000 unique users per month. The brand new website went  live in May 2012.

Antipodean Network: Your New Zealand Times advertising can be extended across Blue Sky Publications’ network of partners, which includes:

Monthly New Zealand Times eNewsletter | Sent every Tuesday to a growing database of 18,000+ subscribers.

Social media: Your campaign can include teases and links on New Zealand Times on Facebook and New Zealand Times on Twitter.

How to advertise

To discuss bringing your product or service to the attention of the UK’s Kiwi community, contact our dedicated advertising sales team, today:

Tel: +44 (0)845 456 4910