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A few tips to help turn your restaurant into a child-friendly establishment

Restaurants are big business but what’s even bigger is those that can accommodate families and a few curious toddlers.


Not every restaurant can be deemed child-friendly, and you don´t have to run a fast food chain to become known in your community as one that can cater to kids and a bit of noise. Read on to discover the essential aspects of a child-friendly restaurant.

Start With the Basics

Every parent who is looking to take their child out to family friendly restaurants will begin their search by scanning the inside of the eatery for high chairs. These specially-designed chairs for kids are obvious giveaways that the restaurant will welcome families with children. Also having just one high chair is not going to do the trick. Having a few is more convincing that more families with kids eat at your restaurant. Having one high chair implies that not too many parents bring their kids to your restaurant.

Have Some Activity Place Mats

Another key giveaway that your establishment is a child-friendly one, is in the simple details like crayons on the tables with paper place mats. Most establishments now have activities of colouring, drawing on these paper placemats that will keep children busy during their visit. There are those that go a bit further and have digital displays with games that are available for purchase and can be played while waiting for your meal.

Prepare a Special Kids’ Menu and Post It on the Web

Many parents who eat out often with children usually do a lot of planning ahead and most of their research starts online. Another important aspect of promoting your restaurant as a child-friendly establishment is to put together a simple kids’ menu. The kids menu will help parents decide if the food on offer would be a good fit with the kind of food their children would like to eat. If not many parents have to piece together a meal from your regular menu for their children and that takes time leaving their children to become bored. Many restaurants post their kids menu online on their website and on their social media accounts. Plus if they do change and update the kids menu by introducing something special then that is added online as well.

Offer Cups That Are Child-Friendly

When serving children in a restaurant it is best to have separate cutlery and other serving items like trays designed in a manner that is easy for children to hold. The cups and plates should be light, colourful and should not have any sharp edges. Also staff should be trained in how to serve at a table with children. Cups should not be filled to the top and food should not be piping hot but just warm enough.

Speed Up On the Service

Within ten minutes of entering and settling down, have a small bread basket ready to be sent out to the table so that it keeps the family away from getting too hungry. After ten minutes children will get bored and hungry and the next emotion is frustration. Keep this in mind and have the waiter that attends to the guests recommend dishes that can be brought out fast.

Aside from the above tips always remember to keep the child in mind when preparing dishes or planning new events at your establishment. When a reservation is made for three including the child, make sure that the high chair is not placed in the middle of a walkway or sandwiched into a small two table seat. A bit of thought put into the details of running a children’s restaurant will go a long way with the head of a household. In short if a child is happy, you´ll have more business at your restaurant.