6 Reasons to Wear Glasses Instead of Contact Lenses

Although it may be common for many to turn to contact lenses for their corrective vision solution, eyeglasses might be the best solution for you.


IF you suffer from vision problems, then you probably rely on some sort of corrective solution to enhance your sight each day.  Although it may be common for many to turn to contact lenses for their corrective vision solution, eyeglasses might be the best solution for you.  They can provide you with many benefits and conveniences that contact lenses simply do not offer.  Learn more about why you might want to consider glasses.

1. More Comfortable

First, glasses are a lot more comfortable to wear during the day.  Many people assume that contact lenses are more comfortable because you cannot see them.  However, they often cause eye irritations.  They can easily move around in your eyes, causing your eyes to tear, burn, or experience other reactions.  On the other hand, glasses are designed to fit your face shape so that you do not feel pressure when you are wearing them.  Even better, many of them are extremely lightweight.

2. Easy to Put On

Next, glasses are also extremely easy to put on.  Some people put them on in the morning and wear them all day.  Others use them as needed.  In order for you to apply contact lenses, you have to physically touch your own eyeballs.  This can be uncomfortable and unnerving for many people.  While some get used to this application process, others prefer the simplicity of wearing glasses.

3. More Durable

In addition, glasses are much more durable than contact lenses.  It is very easy to tear your contacts during application or ruin them if they drop.  Glasses are not as prone to damage.  Sure they can break if you keep them on the floor where someone can step on them.  However, for the most part, they tend to hold up longer than the average contact lenses.

4. Cost Effective

For a lot of people, glasses are the cost effective solution to their vision problems.  In fact, there are many cheap eyeglasses available that allow people to see well without a prescription from the doctor.  Contact lenses can cost people a significant amount of money each month.

5. Less Maintenance

Furthermore, glasses require less maintenance than contact lenses.  You do not have to spend time putting them on and taking them off each day.  You also do not need to hassle with special solution to keep your contacts clean and protected.  Instead, most people who wear glasses clean their frames and lenses on occasion to remove dust and debris.  They also use a case for storage.  However, these tools are simple and effective.

6. Sleep Without Worry

Another huge benefit of glasses is that you do not have to worry when you are sleeping.  When you wear contact lenses, you have to be sure to take them out before you drift off to sleep.  This can be a pain if you like to take a nap on a Saturday afternoon or if you get home late from work and are too tired to take out them out.

If these reasons are not enough to convince you that glasses are great, you might prefer to wear them because they are the latest trend for many celebrities.  In fact, they could improve your overall appearance.  Therefore, find a pair that suits you!