40% of pension-eligible NZ citizens still employed

New Zealand citizens who have already reached retirement age are expected to contribute $1.5 billion in income tax over the next 15 years according to the country’s Office for Senior Citizens.



Statistics have shown that a large percentage of older Kiwis have continued working past retirement age because they are worried their savings will not be enough.

In 2013 almost 40 percent of pension-eligible New Zealand citizens were still employed, and the Ministry of Social Development believes this figure could reach 65 percent by 2051.

Rei Ngatai, 85, is just one example of the phenomenon and works as many as 60 hours a week at Age Concern New Zealand’s national office.

When she started working at her first ever job in an accountants’ office she had to share one calculator with the entire office.

“We weren’t allowed to use it though. Only the supervisor was allowed to use it to check our work,” Ngatai told Stuff.co.nz.

However, she has had no trouble adjusting to modern technology in her current job and is fully counter literate

“I got used to using an old Bar-Lock typewriter right through to today’s technology. A typewriter you really had to think, but with computers you only need to breathe on it and it’ll go,” she said.

With the number of elderly workers in New Zealand is set to increase in coming years, it is predicted that one in four employees are expected to be over 55 years old in the next five years.

Image: Shutterstock