New Zealand written, directed play opens in London

A play written and directed by New Zealanders opens in London this week.


Ordinary Darkness

A PLAY written and directed by New Zealanders opens in London this week.

Ordianary Darkness tells the story of four unique individuals who spend a night squatting in a London mansion.

Flic, Becca and Max all have their own reasons for squatting, but when one of them brings home Mr B, a banker that supposedly represents everything they despise and want to destroy, well, that’s when things get interesting.

The play is written by Sarah Robertson, who has been living in London for over five years.

An accomplished playwright, she balances working at JP Morgan with life as a writer and poet.

She was writing Ordinary Darkness around the time of last year’s London riots, and was interested in exploring how people behave behind closed doors, as well as the evils they inflict on each other.

Robertson says she set out to write something about people she didn’t particularly like, but was surprised with how one character in particular turned out.

“On the outside he is an archetypal, stereotypical bad banker, your first thought is that he is horrible.

“But he actually ends up with a lot more wisdom and more empathy, he wasn’t what they (the other characters) thought.

“They try and put someone in a little box, but you can’t, he is still human.”

The play is directed by Stella Duffy, another Kiwi, who has written thirteen novels, fifty short stories and eleven plays, and is put on by Shaky Isles Theatre, a company with a specific, but not exclusive, New Zealand focus.

Ordinary Darkness runs from November 14 to December 1 at Hen and Chickens Theatre, 109 Saint Paul’s Road, London, N1 2NA.

Go to or call 08444 771 000 for tickets.