Your guide to semi-permanent makeup

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Your guide to semi-permanent makeup

Also known as cosmetic artistry, semi-permanent makeup is probably one of the world’s most innovative solutions within the beauty industry in recent times.


The concept and workings behind it are truly revolutionary, although not many people are as well-versed as they should be about the subject. It is essential that they are though, and thoroughly so, mainly because plenty of scammers have set up shop in all corners, claiming to be professionals, who in reality are looking to dupe unsuspecting customers. This does happen. Many who have not really researched much tend to fall victim to elaborate schemes, eventually not just burning through a ton of money, but worse, subjecting themselves to injury. So to avoid all of these complications, here are a few things you should know about semi-permanent makeup.

Always Stay Updated

You would not really trust a social media company that has no idea about the trends of each social media platform on a regular basis, so why would you trust someone like that with your face? Semi-permanent makeup is the practice of cosmetic tattooing, but unlike regular tattoos, this is different. For one thing, semi-permanent makeup is not exactly permanent, but it does last anywhere between 4-5 years depending on how you care for it. So if your cosmetic artist is not updated about the industry, chances are they will also use outdated techniques and products which can lead to complications, some irreversible.

Significant Benefits

When done right semi-permanent makeup can be incredibly beneficial, especially for those who suffer from debilitating skin conditions such as vitiligo, alopecia (hair loss) and other issues triggered by extreme illnesses such as cancer. It can help even out skin tone, camouflage skin abnormalities caused by diseases such as vitiligo, ease out facial asymmetry and even help rectify the appearance of surgical scars. Whilst the practice is generally used to enhance one’s appearance purely for aesthetic reasons such as filling out lips for a bigger pout, it can also be used for the above, and with the right Cosmetic Tattoo Supplies, the job is made much easier.

Follow Instructions Carefully

There are specific things you need to do if you are planning to sign up for semi-permanent makeup treatments at any point. This is because you need to pre-prep and also follow aftercare to a T. Ideally, any responsible cosmetic artist would first book you in for an initial consultation to help you understand your needs, what you can do to cater to them, and how their services could help you. You can also find out whether you are a suitable candidate in the first place, as some existing health conditions may prove to be an issue when it comes to these procedures.


Knowledge is power, and this is true in all instances. Read and learn widely about this topic, and most importantly make sure you see what others have to say about it. It is important to know whether this is for you or not before you invest any money. For some, it can be a respite, as it can help boost confidence and self-esteem which can be understandably life-changing, especially when dealing with conditions like those mentioned above. Arm yourself with information, so you can ask targeted questions before signing up for your appointment for an informed decision.