Where are the world’s friendliest locals?

One of the greatest pleasures of travelling is meeting the locals but where are the world’s friendliest?


meet the locals

THERE are the tourist attractions, the transport and the food but the true measure of any destination’s character is in meeting the locals.

For many travellers the most common, insightful and rewarding encounters with the natives can occur when they are lost. When seeking directions and advice, how friendly and helpful are your new friends? Will you get the fabled German efficiency in Berlin and are New Yorkers really all that rude? These experiences may be fleeting but your lasting impression of a place is largely shaped by them.

The latest tourism campaign for Okinawa in Japan takes a playful look at meeting locals around the world. Their ‘Meet the Locals on the Street’ video campaign features ‘lost’ tourists asking for help in some of the world’s most popular cities.

Watch the video here:

Of course, Okinawa will say they have the friendliest locals but from your own experience, tell us below: Where are the world’s friendliest locals?