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World Masters Games welcomes 101-year-old athlete to the fray

As athletes and fans prepare for the start of the World Masters Games in Auckland, New Zealand, there is one athlete in particular who is getting a lot of attention.



The Games are officially welcoming the arrival of Man Kaur, a 101-year-old athlete. Kaur, who has travelled from India, will run in the 100 metres, much to the thrill of fans. With the start just around the corner now, April 22-30, fans don’t have long to wait in order to see Kaur compete.

No Stranger to the Games

This isn’t the first time Kaur has appeared at the games, in fact she has been competing in them since she was 93 years old. That alone is pretty shocking, as most people aren’t starting a whole new career at that age, let alone a career in athletics!

She was a huge hit in Vancouver last summer at the Americas Masters, where not only were the crowd behind her but so were the other competitors. She managed to finish the 100m in just one minute and 21 seconds. Athletes and fans alike commented on how much of an inspiration she is not just for the sport, but for life in general.

And it looks like Kaur is going to have plenty of opportunities to celebrate this year in Auckland at the games, as she is assured four golds over the 10 day span. She is the only competitor in the games who is over the age of 100, therefore the only one in her group. And what is she looking forward to the most? Well, according to Kaur it’s hearing her country’s national anthem playing.

To add to the impressive actions of Kaur, she has brought home more than 20 medals from all around the world to date. Besides the 100m, Kaur will also compete in the 400g javelin, the 2kg shot put, and the 200m.

So how does she stay in such great shape? Well Kaur attributes it to eating healthy and not eating any junk food at all, and making sure to train each day. Kaur will spend one day at the gym, then the next day on the track, and keeps alternating between the two.

It seems as though that drive to compete runs in the family too, as her son, Gurdev Singh, who is 79 years of age, will also be competing.

Shaping up to be a huge event

The World Masters Games are shaping up to be a huge event, and are in fact the largest multi-sport event to be held this year. Taking place every four years, the games will be held in Auckland, New Zealand this year. The competition began back in 1985, where it was first held in Toronto, Canada, and has since moved around the globe.

What makes this event so fun and special is that anyone can compete, you don’t have to be considered a professional athlete. Participants are placed into categories based only on age. As well, athletes are there representing themselves rather than their countries.

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