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Woman witnesses cyclist husband being hit by van

A Tauranga woman was driving down a road near her home on Wednesday morning when she saw a cyclist being struck by a van coming round a blind corner, and suddenly recognised the green shirt her husband had been wearing that day.



According to witness Donna Lipinski, the woman jumped the pavement with her car, blowing a tyre, and rushed to his side as bystanders called for help. Fortunately a doctor was walking along too, and treated him until medics arrived.

Lipinski told Stuff: “All we could hear was this almighty thump.

“This woman had driven up over the kerb and blew a tyre – it was his wife … She held his hand for a while.

“She was so upset, which is to be expected. She was comforted by others that had stopped to help.”

The man is in critical condition in hospital with serious neck and head injuries. The driver of the van turned out to be a friend of the couple, and Lipinski added: “Judging by (the condition of) the van he was very lucky to have lived through that.”

Another witness, a woman called Sophie, added: “[His wife] saw his green shirt and knew it was him. She was not in a good way which is understandable.

“I just stayed with the wife. There was a doctor and a neighbour with the cyclist when the wife showed up. I just tried to stay with her.

“I couldn’t imagine just driving up the street and seeing your husband like that. It was coincidental she was just driving somewhere and saw it.

“The driver was pretty shocked. He was shocked because of what had happened and because they knew each other, he knew the man he hit.”

Both witnesses said that the accident was one waiting to happen, as there was no warning about the blind spot at that intersection of Waihi Rd and Churchill Rd.

Lipinski said: “They need to put in speed bumps or something. The blind spot is really bad.”



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