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Whatever your vote, your NZ Dollars are safe

Your vote might make a dent on politics, but won’t have any major impact on the NZ economy, experts claim


While TV debates are raging on and while you find yourself still busy making up your mind on who to give your vote to, some of the world’s most important finance experts remain more than confident about New Zealand’s future.

Risk assessor Moody’s announced that the group has no concerns about the outcome of the elections later this month. Senior vice president at Moody’s Sovereign Risk Group Steven Hess said that from their perspective the country should be safe, maintaining a stable outlook.

“Whatever government comes into power after the election, it will have the ability to manage its finances in a way that will be fiscally prudent,” Hess said.

With that said, it has to be noted that Moody’s was the only ratings agency choosing to retain the New Zealand AAA rating following the global financial crisis, with other major agencies (such as Standard and Poor) lowering theirs.