Westboro Baptist Church protests outside Lorde’s Kansas City concert

This time church members were met with counter-protesters carrying a sign of their own.



They’re back, staging the first protest since the death of the leader Fred Phelps last Wednesday, 19th March.

Westboro Baptist Church followers have protested at Lorde’s concerts before, claiming she is “carrying an idolatrous attraction for worthless human ‘royalty’,” and “spends her time, energy and talent serving herself and teaching other young people how to be indolent rebels.” Even they can’t deny her talent.

But counter-protesters and Lorde fans were ready for them, with a sign of their own.

Sorry for your loss


At a previous concert, prior to Phelps’ death, Lorde had heard of the Church’s intention to protest and tweeted:

lorde tweets

She later deleted the tweets.

Lorde is set to perform tonight at the Fox Theater in Oakland, California.