Walkabout closing down: send us your Shebu memories

Now, as the final closing day of iconic pub Shepherd’s Bush Walkabout approaches, we want to create a memory bank to record the friendships formed and loves lost and found within its green and yellow walls. Share with your friends and send us your best (and worst) Walkie memories!


Shepherd's Bush Walkabout

WITH the shock news that the infamous Shepherd’s Bush Walkabout is closing down for good on 6 October 2013, it’s time to pay tribute to the iconic watering hole.

Every Kiwi who has passed through the UK has one; a Shepherd’s Bush Walkabout memory. A blurred experience of beer and sweat – the snow falling outside as your arms are wrapped around newly made friends at the end of a long night spent bonding over the curiosities of this foreign land you now call home.

shepherd's bush walkabout wedding cake

One we’ve already come across is the story of Jack Vernon and Megan Sandiford, who met at SheBu Walkie on 28 February 2004 and married six years later, complete with a tribute to the pub in which they met in the form of a wedding cake.

Others have been shared with us on Facebook. “A coin dropped in your beer means down it in one”, writes Shane Westmore.

It is an iconic pub, and whether for better or worse, an important part of the Antipodean presence in the UK. So, to honour the role of SheBu Walkie has played in all our lives, we’re searching for your memories of the Walkabout – a moment that captures what the Walkie means to you and your London experience, whether as a traveller or expat.

Share them with us below, on Facebook or Twitter (#shebumemories) .

Like the beer and the snakies, let the memories flow!