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The Waitangi Day Pub Crawl in London

Need the low-down of how to get involved with this year’s Waitangi Day Pub Crawl in London? Find out everything you need to know here.



SO everybody wants to do something awesome on Waitangi Day, and this pub crawl is one of the absolute most awesome things you could do. Thanks to social media and bloggers we are able to answer all your questions and give you a blow by blow to ensure that when you pub crawl, you do it properly.

Here is a Q&A for you to get an idea of everything that is required of you on this day.

Is the Circle Line open?
Yes, it is! For those who want to cheat the District line is also open.

When? Where? Date?
Saturday 8 February at 10 am. If you’re starting at the traditional time of 10 am then head to the Pride of Paddington.  The Pride of Paddington is open earlier than 8 am so get in and have some breakfast there!  You can also go to the Bayswater Arms too – find the route map here for info.

Also from 10 am Notting Hill Gate will have a few people starting there. The Old Swan will be open or you can hang around the Bird Statue.   Mostly people get here around 10:30-11 am!

The Gourmet NZ Pie guys will be at Notting Hill Gate from around 10 am.

From 10 am, and if you’re feeling a little adventurous, or just love Jagerbombs… The Eagle in Ladbroke Grove is also open with £3 Jagerbombs for Kiwis!

What can I expect from the day?
It’s a street/pub party like you have never ever experienced before. Good natured fun, Kiwis having a laugh, meeting new friends, finding old friends, being good to the locals and not breaking any laws.

Any rules? Instructions from the police?
You’re a Kiwi… no one wants to see your banana!
Don’t carry glass about and listen to anything the cops say on the day. A full run down of what the police has told me can be found here. Tube travellers will need to remember the ancient rules of all pub crawls beforehand, which is NO SITTING, DO NOT hold onto anything but one another and of course courtesy to ALL tube travellers not on the crawl.

Can we drink on the streets?
The Police will enforce the street drinking ban but they will be using their common sense, just like every other year. Essentially, be sensible and follow instructions from the Police.  If you have done the pub crawl in other years you are all aware that the police are very easy going and get into the spirit of the event – but that is because Kiwis are also good natured enough to not to act like male genitalia.
It is encouraged when you see members of the public trying to get through the crowds to give them 100% your support and let them through. Give them absolutely no reason to complain, and surprise them with our typical Kiwi charm and politeness!

4 pm at Old Palace Yard, you’ll still get Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament behind you. It’s a nice space, the same as 2013. The police will point you in the right direction. Find the map here.

Where are the specials at?
The New Zealand Gourmet Pie Company will be selling pies along the route, but your best bet is to find them at Notting Hill Gate from 10:00 am…. look out for their van along the way!
The Eagle bar in Ladbroke Grove will have £3 Jagerbombs 

Afterparties much?
All after parties are at this link…
But of course there are going to be some bust-and-grind after parties. And no, you don’t need tickets for anything! There will be a repeat of last years AWESOME after party at the old Speights Bar which is now Dalys wine bar. It will have 2 floors of bands, Kiwi beers and Kiwi food (pies etc) and is only £5 entry!   This bar is no more than 5 mins walk from Temple Tube Station!

Temple Walkabout will be having their traditional Waitangi After Party as well. They are prepared for the onslaught of Kiwis after the pub crawl!

The Slug in Fulham also joins us this year and will be open for those who plan to after party in Fulham!

Gigalum will be open as well, with a Kiwi DJ  (check out the events page for their Friday night party as well)

Belushis in Shepherds Bush are having £2 Steinlagers and a DJ all night long too…

New Map of where everyone will all meet for the Haka

Haka Map


Please note that none of this information was given by organizers, all information thanks to www.drinkclubuk.blogspot.com and Kiwis in London, who just want you to have the best Waitangi Day in London, ever.