Video: 1st Contact Cape Town #NEKNomination for charity

As an expat in the UK, you’ve probably heard of 1st Contact. Here’s how their Cape Town office took up their NEKNomination challenge.


1st Contact has proudly South African roots. So when SA-born Brent Lindeque single-handedly changed the NEKNomination trend’s focus from one of carelessness to actually taking responsibility, they sat up and took notice.

The company is no stranger to the odd shooter or three. But when your company slogan is “A world of opportunity”, they couldn’t very well just sit there in their comfy swivel-chairs. So starting in Cape Town, they decided to reach out and help The Haven, a local night shelter who provides opportunities too: they help the homeless to reunite with their families.

You can view the video here:

1st Contact has NekNominated their colleagues in Melbourne to go next.

Find out more about The Haven at