Upcoming O2Touch Autumn leagues at Clapham Common

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Upcoming O2Touch Autumn leagues at Clapham Common

It has been an awesome Summer season with fantastic weather, touch and players. We had our Finals for most of our venues this week which turned out some really great games with a few surprise winners.


Thundercats (3)

Here is a look at the finals evening of Putney/Wandsworth, King George’s Park, O2Touch Tuesday Summer league that was played on the 19thAugust. There were 7 games played in total, 3 of which were finals. With 2 men’s divisions and 1 mixed division.

In the Men’s Division 1, we saw the Thundercats play Shake and Bake Baby in their final. Thundercats, a new team in the London Leagues have impressed many of the players and the teams trying to match themselves against them. Having said that the final was not an easy one and Shake and Bake turned up ready to fight for that winner’s trophy and prize.

Result: Thundercats won the Men’s 1 Division

Men’s 2 Division, here we had a well-known team Moose Knuckles, who are previous winners of this league playing against The Cheeky Boys. The Cheeky Boys managed to get up early on in the game and continued to hold their lead throughout the game. Moose Knuckles did not give up and put pressure on the oppositions score line and did manage to break the Cheeky Boys defence. But in the end The Cheeky Boys were always able to respond by scoring right after they had conceded.

Result: The Cheeky Boys won the Men’s 2 Division

Mixed Division, a few of the players were surprised to see Any Given Sunday in the final playing against Heptophobis, who consistently have their core group of players down every week and are a fantastic bunch of people. As the game went along, it looked as though Any Given Sunday had saved their best for last and produced some fantastic flowing touch which helped them take the win and the Mixed Division this season.

Thank you to all the players, organisers and referees for the commitment throughout both the Spring and Summer Seasons at all our London Venues. We hope you had an enjoyable time, met great people and made new friendships.

There are many new upcoming autumn and winter leagues going on through till spring next year so do go to our website, www.in2touch.com and see what there is on offer. We want to make use of the last of the Summer sunshine!