Two cases in dress code for interview

Everyone understands that compliance with the dress code during the interview is quite a significant factor. That’s just how to get to “the top ten?” The analysis was conducted, in which it was found that almost 80 % of respondents go to the interview in business clothes, but only half of this amount will know whether to apply their future employer dress code and what kind. Perhaps that’s the reason many negative feedback on the interview results.


It happens that the applicant’s clothing and dress code of the employer don’t match. It’s inconsistency in one and in the other direction. Let’s see what can be done in both cases.

Case 1. You are dressed less formally than your interlocutors

This situation can be avoided if you know what your future employer – large (often foreign) companies from the provision of financial services (insurance, bank or audit), legal or development company. Then your appearance in a suit at the interview is 100% hit “the bull’s eye“.

An important caveat is the position for which you have your interview. Don’t think that if you are invited for an IT company, so you can wear jeans and only favorite sweater stretched. If you are programmer or tech support specialist – then yes. If you are applying, for example, the first person or the assistant manager to work with clients may suit you’ll wear more often than your favorite jeans.

In order to fit properly on an interview please note: if the HR manager at the invitation for an interview mentions the magic phrase “presentable appearance”, choose from the wardrobe of a business suit with a blouse in tone and classic shoes – and certainly not regret it.

Well, if you have already known the interview that was not “follow suit” may be appropriate phrase:  “Sorry, we have the dress code of your company; we just have very casual style clothing on my current job. And if I will wear a suit, everyone will understand that I am going for an interview and I would not like it. I hope you understand me. “If the phrase really describes your situation, slip clothing will be minimized.

Case 2. You are dressed more formally than your interlocutors

The situation can be awkward, especially if your clothes still higher class and subconsciously you start to demonstrate its superiority. Then the atmosphere at the interview will be uncomfortable. In any case, if you look at the interview as a peahen of sparrows, do not rejoice that neither nor upset. Try to translate your buddies’ attention skills.

As an alternative to mitigate the situation – can transform a phrase from the case number one: you have come to the meeting with work, where more rigid dress code and do not want trouble, breaking it. If you dressed up specifically for the interview, you might say – waiting boss dressed parade and he did not come.

Both situations can be avoided if you choose a neutral version of the dress code. It generally includes costume consisting, for example, blouses, pants and jacket or skirt (not costume or not one costume) and knitted vest quiet tones. If you are at an interview in the company with the dress code – stay in a jacket and fastens it on all the buttons. If there is no dress code – shooting jacket and stay in a democratic vest.

In any case, one flaw in the dress code is a serious, but not fatal. Your professionalism and ability to talk about it – this is the key that will help to get out of any situation. Now you’re ready for a job interview. You can boldly take any position and will help you with this. Here you can find jobs in any city in the UK. Moreover, vacancies in UK are combined in blocks. You can easily find the activity that interests you. Comfort hasn’t been so affordable. Good luck in your job searching.