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Travel Deals! Spice it up in Morocco

The Spice Girls weren’t wrong when they sang ‘Colours of the world. Spice up your life.’ Perhaps they were singing about the wonders of Morocco?



It boasts so many colourful spices, bazaars, textiles and landscapes; it arguably makes any Aussie town look a little bland.

Wandering through Djemaa el Fna in Marrakech is an assault on the senses. There’s a blanket of thick smoke in the air from food stalls, clanging instrumentalists and street performers and adjoining bazaars over-stocked with local handicrafts and ‘genuine fake’ designer watches and hand bags.

Travel Talk_Morocco Tours_Ceramics

Escaping the madness of Marrakech, there’s so much more cultural and geographic diversity to explore – from indigenous Berber culture, camel rides and Sahara Desert camping to coastal chills in Essaouira and surfing in Casablanca.

The royal city of Fes is also a notable highlight with its Insta-worthy mosques, stinky leather tanneries and so much tagine it will be coming out of your ears.

Travel Talk_Morocco Tours_Marrakech

For a taster of Morocco’s spicy culture, Travel Talk offers 8-10 day Morocco tours from £249 per person.

Accommodation is double/twin share 4-star hotels (with the exception of Desert camping in Bedouin tents) plus transportation, airport transfers, some meals/activities and experienced local tour guide included.