Top Five Ways to Pass Time in the Airport

Top Five Ways to Pass Time in the Airport

You’ve checked in your bags, you’ve got your boarding pass and now you have hours to kill before your flight starts boarding. What can you do to kill time at the airport? Actually, there are plenty of things you can do to keep yourself busy and here we will look at five favourites.

Image by Maridav via

Image by Maridav via

People Watch

Some people just love to people watch and an airport is about the best place you could do this. There is no shortage of people who come from all round the world with all sorts of backgrounds. Make up stories, play detective or just enjoy the hustle and bustle around you.

Refresh and Spoil Yourself

If you feel a bit frazzled or tense after flying, this is a great option. Visit the day spa or the massage shop in the terminal building and relax with a back or foot massage or a facial treatment. You could also just relax in one of the hotel lounges where you can find access to a shower, newspapers, food and free Wi-Fi. Enjoy the recharge before your next flight.


After sitting for hours on a plane and looking ahead to many more hours in the same position, exercise is one of the most worthwhile things you can do during a layover. Most airport hotels have gyms that offer day passes to the public and many of these are even open 24/7. So make sure to bring along some running gear and hit the gym.

Play the Pokies

What better time than to play pokies online when you are trying to kill the hours between flights. Make the most of the free Wi-Fi and you could spend a number of hours spinning the reels, giving yourself a real chance of spinning up a win. Enjoy the fun and you might even hit a winning payout to help fund some of your vacation! With a huge range of pokies available online you can just whip out your mobile phone or tablet and start playing whenever it suits you.

Window Shop

Some airports are almost as impressive as malls with the number of shops they have available. You can enjoy window shopping at some of the most impressive brand name shops in the world and if you have some extra currency to use up or a travel budget, you will love going into these shops to see what you can find.