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A small group of coffee aficionados from New Zealand and Australia has been running a successful coffee shop in London that makes Starbucks look like McDonalds


When it comes to coffee, being a snob does pay off. While there may be no shortage in London for outlets to cater to your caffeine cravings, not many proprietors put in as much love and dedication as the good people at Kaffeine.

This coffee-lovers’ paradise describes itself as “one of the leading cafes in the UK for its high standards in service, food, coffee and decor” – and they may be on to something.

The independent Australian/New Zealand-owned cafe is located right in the heart of town at 66 Great Titchfield Street, just 2 minutes from Oxford Circus. Trading since 2009, Kaffeine initiates novices to the art of enjoying coffee as much as it caters to expert addicts. And for those, who simply can’t warm up to the idea of a nice cup of Joe, they also have an extensive menu focusing on creating the best loose leaf tea concoctions in London; not to mention, of course, a rich selection of freshly baked goods from all over the world on their counter.


Personally, I would recommend having a few caneles – a gooey, sticky and simply delicious French pastry from Bordeaux – to go with your artisan espresso. And if you’re serious about your coffee as I am, you will most certainly want to partake in a three-course coffee taster, which includes a palette cleanser made of yellow roast coffee beans infused with earl grey. Say it soft and it’s almost like praying…

The staff stand out for their welcoming attitude and boundless knowledge about the art of brewing the perfect mug. This air of professionalism is vastly reflected in the list of awards that the petite establishment has attracted in just five years of business, including a Gold Award as the Best Independent Cafe in 2012 by Cafe Society and Best Independent Cafe in Europe Award in 2012 by the Allegra European Coffee Symposium.


With all this information under your belt, when will you be making the pilgrimage to this shining shrine dedicated to the coffee bean?




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