Three kids crash stolen car after police chase

Police in Waikato were sent on a wild car chase near Huntly on Friday when a stolen vehicle was reported to be driving erratically, and once the car crashed down a hill, it was discovered that children had done the stealing.



Three children, a 10-year-old boy and two 13-year-old girls, had gone for a joy ride and sped up to dangerous levels when they realised the police were on their tail. They lost control, and tumbled down an embankment.

REscue personnel were on the scene shortly afterwards, including a rescue helicopter that took the boy to Waikato Hospital. fortunately, none of the kids were seriously injured, with two remaining in hospital for observation.

Police Senior Sergeant Andrew Townsend, of the Waikato District Command Centre, said that a member of the public had called about a car being driven badly, and police then “got in a position to stop the vehicle.

“The vehicle failed to stop for a short time before failing to negotiate a part of the road and subsequently crashing and landing at the bottom of a bank near the intersection of Lumsden Road and Tahuna Roads.

“Ambulance were called, and the three occupants of the vehicle were taken by road and the air ambulance to Waikato Hospital with injuries described as moderate to minor.”

A local resident, who declined to be named to, added: “My daughter rang me to say a group of silly rascals had been speeding in a stolen car and crashed off the side of the road.

“I’m pretty confident that it’s none of the children that live around here because they’re all good kids.

“The roundabout and all the roads around here are really good but obviously this bunch weren’t sticking to the speed limit.”