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There’s more to In2Touch than moves on the field

In2touch, along with O2 Touch, sees the value in team sports and socializing with people from all parts of the city of London.



The idea behind Touch is that it’s a great way to enjoy a minimal contact sport with young and old, all together having fun and getting fit.

Once the games have finished, players, teams, and supports are all encouraged to embrace the social side. Outside of the painted lines, people enjoy more than the games.

Each and every venue we use in London has a pub, no more than 10-minute walk from the pitches, where everyone gathers to enjoy a drink and a warm plate of food.

But that’s not all. In2Touch offer exciting events that bring teams from all seven venues across London together, to share their stories and meet friendly faces.

Events like the annual In2Touch Boat Party on the River Thames, the In2Touch Social World Cup, planned theme nights and now the British Beach Touch Championships, are some of the highlights.

These are all open to partners, friends and families of players in the London O2 & In2Touch leagues. Interacting and mixing with other teams is key, and many friendships being made at these gatherings.

Last year the Boat Party saw 200 people, all connected to the touch leagues, gather in the middle of summer at Tower Pier and cruise along the Thames, enjoying a few drinks and a bit of music from the on board DJ.

You too can get involved and hop on board when the boat sets course along the Thames in July 2016.

Then there is the eventful Social World Cup. Featuring 20 teams, 20 Countries and 20 winners, this is a day where you relax, play a little touch while dressed up as your given country for the day, in the hope that your team wins best dressed, or most supported and vocal team on the day.

The activities do not stop there though, the day continues on the fields and well into the night as everyone soaks up the last of the warm summer sun in mid September.

To find out how you can get in on the actions at any of these and other events, head on over to www.in2touch.com/england, where you will find a full list of the leagues, events, and gatherings.