Six upsides to being an alien in a foreign country

There are a few positive perks to being a Kiwi living overseas. Here are six of our favourite.


There are no words that quite capture the heaviness one feels when away from home — and mom’s cooking. But there are many upsides.

“Sorry I’m from New Zealand” becomes a legitimate excuse

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As an alien, you have the added advantage of being able to bend the law and plead ignorance.

You get really good at being awkward

lost in city

Being awkward gives you the confidence to make you believe that you can conquer the world. And you can, because you’re awesome.

Every day’s a school day


The learning is endless. Your new country is your oyster, an oyster brimming with new cultures, languages and experiences. And if you’re not learning about the country, you’re learning about yourself. And you’re awesome.

Every time you resist the urge to jump on a plane you grow a little stronger


Life will throw you curve balls and all you will want to do is run. But you don’t. You deal, you grow and you come out braver than you were before.

As a Kiwi, you’re immediately more interesting

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Whether your culture, language or life experiences differentiate you from the locals, you’re a novelty. And you love it.

You’ve never been more patriotic

Kiwi pride

You don’t realise how unique New Zealand is until you leave. And when you return home, you have to resist the urge to kiss the earth, because that’s just weird.

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