The (Rolling) Circus is coming to town

What do you get when you fill a bus with a bunch of fun­loving travellers, a rock band, a DJ, a magician, a juggler, six dancers and a banana suit?



The standard of European travel tours has gotten a little old. Sure, the cities are beautiful, the history is enlightening, and the food is delicious, but do you really get to appreciate it all when you’re whizzed through the tourist traps at a breakneck speed?

Do you get to see the lesser-known sites and get down with the locals? Well no, you don’t. You get the cookie­cutter, tourist­cluttered standard Eurotour. It’s convenient, but it ain’t got no soul.

The Stoke Travel Co. has decided to turn the Eurotour on its head with their Rolling Circus. It’s a travelling festival show that carries the goal of spreading its weirdness across Europe while allowing its guests to experience the unique offerings of the countries it passes through along the way.

It’s an infection of sorts, targeting young international party travellers, with the goal of turning into one of the most unique, community produced spectaculars of all time! The diagnosis? Live music, astonishing entertainment and becoming the biggest party freak in the group. Is it a bus tour? Is it a circus? Or is it the outlandish love child of the two?


How about you watch a world class magic show on the 8 hour bus between Amsterdam and Berlin instead of watching another crappy Vince Vaughn film? And once you arrive in each city, you go to a one night only rock concert that slowly morphs into a nightclub circus show; banana suit and all. The Rolling Circus masterfully creates an exclusive, unpredictable, month­long show experience, all while managing to throw in the classic bus tour essential sites and some lesser known gems.

Leaving from Barcelona, this hop-on-hop-off tour allows guests to spend 2­3 nights at each of the 10 destinations: Barcelona, Valencia, San Sebastian, Moliets, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Budapest and Munich. But why just see some of Europe’s most beautiful and famous cities on the tour? Why not partake in the world’s largest tomato fight at La Tomatina, then chill on a surf camp in the south of France for a few days? How about you end up blacking out while wearing nothing but a pair of Lederhosen and a Bavarian hat at Oktoberfest in Munich?!

Yeah, why do all of that? I’m sure it would be much more exciting to just Google the top rated attractions in Europe and only see the things that everyone else sees. Who needs that other stuff that the Rolling Circus offers?

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