The growth of mobile gambing

The growth of mobile gambing

The rapid penetration of online gambling has revolutionised the casino industry.



The first major disruptor was the trend that saw a significant shift from placing bets in brick-and-mortar casinos to doing so in online casinos. Currently, it is mobile gaming that seems to be enjoying its time in the sun, with no signs of slowing down.

The recent rise in popularity of mobile casinos has been more than just impressive. It’s been staggering. A report by marketing experts Visually highlights that smartphone usage rose to two billion users worldwide in 2015, of which 20% of users accessed gambling application during that year. In fact, the number of players accessing gambling sites from mobile devices rose by 3% in 2012, then 19,9% in 2013 and by a staggering 35% by 2015.

There are obvious reasons for this. A mobile phone is portable and gambling apps can be played on any smartphone or tablet device from any location in the world. Online casinos, on the other hand, are restricted to play on laptops and desktops, and although laptops are portable, they are not as quick, easy and convenient to use as mobile or tablet device. It is fair to say that online casinos might have brought online gambling to your living room, but mobile casinos have put gambling in the palm of your hand.

Industry experts now predict that that there will be 100 million mobile gambling users by 2018 and that the amount of bets placed via mobile devices will reach $100 billion. Yet, the convenience of mobile devices is not the only reason this growth in mobile gambling is predicted to continue. There are also other reasons.

For starters, where online game speeds and graphics are superior at the moment, the industry is investing millions in the development of mobile apps that will eventually be similar or even more superior to online games. As far as speed and accessibility of games on mobile are concerned, the days of buffering, time lapses and dropped connections are over.

Massive investments are being made to ensure that mobile gambling is not only simple and enjoyable, but also emulate the user interface experience of larger screen online games. The goal for mobile developers is to present users with even more fun and excitement as playing in a land-based or online casino. Should these developers be successful, the sky is the limit for mobile gaming growth. Find out more about the online casino games at Casino Pros.