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Take a walk down Lewis Road

Move over, Lorde. Give it up already, Hobbit. The latest superstar from Kiwiland eclipses everything that has come before…


New Zealand is fast falling victim to a new endemic phenomenon. The “fever” in question is thankfully not the Ebola virus nor is it the latest Lorde gossip.

Chocolate lovers are going crazy to lay their hand on Lewis Road Creamery Fresh Chocolate Milk, sometimes queuing for hours to purchase the liquid brew, which is now being guarded by security personnel in major supermarkets across Auckland. Shops have limited purchases to two bottles per person and as of last week, the chocolate milk had not even managed to hit supermarket shelves on the South Island.

Some sources say that a daily delivery of 500 bottles is sold out within 90 minutes – that is a rate faster than 5 bottles a minute, keeping staff at the tills busier than ever before.

Since the new chocolate milk product hit the shelves three weeks ago there’s been no stopping. Demand for the dairy product appears to outweigh supply at such a drastic rate that some crooks have taken to selling imitations, while others are trading their surplus bottles on online auctions.

There’s apparently no secret ingredient in the new drink, but it has been described as a perfect marriage between Lewis Road Creamery’s cherished whole milk and Whittaker’s 5 Roll Refined Milk Chocolate.

Lewis Road Creamery have announced on social media that they are surprised about the rush for the creamy concoction themselves, adding that the business is running at full capacity to try to keep up with the rate of demand they have been witnessing. Lewis Road has upped its production rate to 4000 percent compared to when it first introduced its chocolate milk.

If you happen to be going to NZ over Christmas, do not forget to put Lewis Road Creamery Chocolate Milk on your to-do-list. But remember that you are not allowed to import dairy into the EU on your way back, so don’t be tempted to start your own import/export business. Instead, you can perhaps make your own creamy chocolate milk here, but do feel free to share you recipe with us!




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