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  • How To Relax When You First Move To The UK

    How To Relax When You First Move To The UK

    Moving to a new country is overwhelming, which isn’t rocket science to understand. After all, you’re leaving behind a lot of what you love to make a new life, even if you’re bringing some of that with you.

  • Understanding the UK health care system

    Understanding the UK health care system

    Upon relocating to any new country, an awareness of the local health care system is fundamental, and in the UK this means the NHS.

  • Finding the perfect London digs

    Finding the perfect London digs

    House-hunting is the third most difficult part of life in London. As I am about to move into my fifth house in less than 18 months, I reckon I have more than enough experience to make that call.

  • Accommodation

    UK ARRIVAL GUIDE | Finding accommodation on your own can be daunting and complicated but you can simplify your search by listening to some of our advice.

  • Landing in London

    UK ARRIVAL GUIDE | It pays to be organised and in a fast-paced city like London, it’s a survival necessity. Find out more about what to do once you touch down in the famous city .

  • Council Tax and Utilities

    UK ARRIVAL GUIDE | Some information on tax and utilities that will assist you, when budgeting, during your stay in London.

  • Popular Areas to Live

    UK ARRIVAL GUIDE | We review some popular and exciting London areas to settle in.

  • Getting to London from the Airport

    UK ARRIVAL GUIDE | Do you know what the easiest options for getting into London from city airports are? Get more information and helpful advice here.

  • London Transport

    UK ARRIVAL GUIDE | Want to know all the ins and outs of transport in London? Get all the details and some handy information here.

  • (Un)written London Rules

    UK ARRIVAL GUIDE | Londoners come pre-programmed with some unwritten rules of the city, which no one ever tells you about .

  • Healthcare in London

    Healthcare in London

    UK ARRIVAL GUIDE | All you need to know about dentists, doctors and optometrists in London.

  • Staying in Touch

    UK ARRIVAL GUIDE | Some guidelines on how best to keep in touch with your loved ones back home.

  • Visa Information

    UK ARRIVAL GUIDE | Unless you have a British or European Union passport, you will need a visa to work in the UK. Here we’ve given you a brief overview of the visa options and requirements.

  • When and How to Travel

    UK ARRIVAL GUIDE | Do you know what the best time of the year is to plan your big move and what the best way for you to travel to the UK is? Learn some hints and tips here.

  • Some Packing Hints and Tips

    UK ARRIVAL GUIDE | You don’t want to be embarrassed when walking through airport security or when checking-in your luggage. Read our useful packing tips to avoid making a fool of yourself before you even depart.

  • Money on Arrival

    UK ARRIVAL GUIDE | Find out more about what some visas require in terms of finances on arrival.