‘Superhero’ Flat Man inspires London kiwi Jayson Norris

London based musician Jayson Norris was so impressed with the exploits of Flat Man that he approached New Zealand’s mystery avenger to star in a video of his song, ‘Superhero’.



IS it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Flat Man! And now the Christchurch ‘superhero’ even has his own music video, accompanying a song by kiwi Londoner Jayson Norris.

Flat Man is the feel-good caped crusader who has been brightening quake-fatigued Christchurch lives through his charitable deeds – swooping in to fight bad vibes with flat doorstep deliveries of food parcels and vouchers to the city’s students.

London based New Zealander Jayson Norris was so impressed with the exploits of Flat Man that he approached the mystery do-gooder via Facebook to star in a YouTube video of his song ‘Superhero’.

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About the collaboration, Norris told New Zealand Times: “I thought to myself I have a song called ‘Superhero’ which is all about finding someone in this world who is prepared to do good things for the human race.

“It was a perfect match up.

“So, I contacted him and he was thrilled with the idea.”

For the video, which features the notorious masked man making his daring deliveries, Norris re-edited footage from a Campbell Live interview with Flat Man.


The true identity of the spandex clad NZ marvel is a closely guarded secret. All that is known is that he is a student and that he wears black, red and white damn well.

Even Norris, who will be performing at Homelanz in London in June, claims he has no idea who Flat Man really is, but wishes there were more like him.

“Flat Man is an inspiration to us all,” said Norris.

“Someone who is prepared to give their own time, money and effort in order to help others; times like these need more people like him.

“As Flat Man says: “Be a bruv and share da love””

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