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Stay fit as a fiddle with autumn In2Touch leagues

Enjoy the British summer a little longer in the late London Summer and autumn In2Touch leagues.



Teams right across London have thus far enjoyed a fantastic spring and summer touch season in 2015.

With the current O2Touch summer leagues having just passed the halfway mark and a further four weeks remaining, everyone is starting to double check their team’s overall position online. This can be done by going to www.in2touch.com/uk and going into each venue and division your team plays in.

From the social division in the Surrey Quays and Clapham Common, to the Super League that plays host to many England, Wales and Scotland International touch players – everyone is making sure their team performs at their best to get into the semi-finals and finals matches, where anything can happen!

“This is our very first touch season that myself and friends have played. Having played rugby for the majority of our lives we wanted to get involved and play a sport in the summer months that will test our fitness, satisfy our competitive edge everyone has deep down inside of them and then also enjoy a nice cold drink while relaxing with the teams with the setting sun,” agreed players from  The Pistonheads and Why Can’t We, Monday mixed and men’s teams respectively, that play at the O2Touch league in Regent’s Park.

Many of the players and teams only play in the summer leagues, but why not continue to play this great sport and keep active throughout the year? The autumn leagues are also for those die-hard touch enthusiasts to make sure that everyone’s touch crave is fed. These leagues are open to all teams and players. You will need to act quickly should you and your team wish to play as these leagues fill up very quickly. Take a look at our online events calendar to view all the upcoming leagues.

The late summer shootout leagues take place in Clapham Common and Regent’s Park and don’t forget the In2Touch Sunday autumn league played in Clapham Common, starting in October. The shootout leagues have a very different format, whereby you play two games of 20 minutes each, with a break between games to allow you to gather your thoughts and prepare yourselves for the second game against a new team.

There is also the Active Touch league that was originally started in Scotland. The game is played indoors, getting you out of the freezing cold winter months. It’s fast, full of action and tests all your skills and senses. It’s a game that will keep you out of winter hibernation and guaranteed to keep you fit as a fiddle.

Be sure to go to the In2Touch website to view all the past, present and future leagues going on all around London. Every team can track their progress online and see what they need to do to make it to the all-important division final. And make sure you take a look at the upcoming leagues and events on the annual calendar.