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Stay “Active” with In2Touch’s indoor leagues!

The indoor version was started by our northern In2Touch neighbours in Scotland to encourage players of all ages to continue playing the sport and to improve their skills, vision, and fitness.



As we all know, Scotland can become unbearable to play outdoor sports in the winter so it was a step in the right direction to grow touch all year round.

England, and the south of England to be more specific, is not as cold and anyone can still have a great run around while playing touch outside. However, Active Touch is here to get people active in the cold winter nights when it’s raining, windy and miserable outside.

Active Touch is Fun, fast, and easy to pick up, no matter what level of touch you play. So what is Active Touch?

There is a short video on you tube giving you a quick view into how Active is played. There are only a few rules, which makes it easy to pick up, and the sport is a mixture between touch and netball.

The game is 30 minutes long with no half time break, so having substitutes is a must! Each team has 4 players on the field at one time (as it’s indoor, the playing area is a lot smaller and a total of 8 players at once is all that is needed). This is a mixed sport, so there must be two men and two ladies from each team on the field at all times. As in regular Touch, you have rolling subs.

The attacking team gets three touches in which to score a touch down. That’s right! Only three touches in Active. If the attacking team is unable to score possession is handed over.

There is a designated scoring zone at either end of the playing area. The attacking team must make two completed passes for the scoring zone to be open and allow them to score a touch down. No player is allowed inside the scoring zone until it has been opened.

Where does the netball aspect come into it? Well, there is no such thing as a forward pass in Active Touch. Players may pass the ball in any direction and that also means there is no offside for the defensive team. This does cause a little dizziness at first, but once each player gets the hang of it, the game is played at a very high tempo.

But be careful as there is still the touch and pass rule. Defenders are all around you and can make a touch at any second. That is where players visual awareness is tested and a key part of the game. Once touched, you must stop right away, tap the ball on the floor and pass to one of your team straight away and without moving from where you taped the ball on the floor.

As it is a relatively new sport, there is currently only one league/venue in London and that is the Wandel Recreation Centre in Wandsworth. In2touch will continue to expand the sport in 2016 and look for new venues and new players to take up this amazing game.

Are you interested and looking to know more and how to get involved? Then head on over to the In2Touch website at www.in2touch.com/england and be sure to have a look at the Active Touch leagues in London. Otherwise contact In2Touch at [email protected]