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Sorry, dear Americans, but moving to NZ is a no-go

In the hours after Donald Trump was elected US president, the Canadian immigration website crashed and google searches on moving to New Zealand rocketed.


But it’s not a case of just packing a bag, because for one thing, New Zealand has a housing crisis that won’t accommodate Trumpfugees.

New York Times columnist Gail Collins jested about the potential flood of Americans to other shores: “Forget about moving abroad.

“Of course it sounds tempting, but you’d be surprised how many countries are unenthusiastic about acquiring new former-American citizens.

“The Canadians will just keep telling you about their terrific, sensible, well-adjusted young prime minister.

“Plus there’s that terrible housing bubble in New Zealand.”

Meanwhile, Kiwi film director Taika Waititi launched a tyrade against Trump and anyone thinking of moving to New Zealand, saying on his Twitter page: “Don’t even think about moving to New Zealand.

“You shat the bed, now you have to deal with the mess.”

He also snarkily asked of he’d even be allowed to go to LA for the editing of his new film, Thor:Ragnarok.

He quipped: “@Marvel, just checking you still want me to edit Thor in LA. There’s a chance they won’t be letting brown people through customs tomorrow.”