Some financial and health insurance tips for prospective expat Kiwis

There are some more pragmatic things which have to be prepared before leaving home for Europe and the UK.



How to manage the important factors of life in Europe

WHEN coming from New Zealand to Europe in order to work and live, there are a couple of things to think about. Of course the culture and the mentality of the people differs but while these factors are experienced directly after the arrival, there are also some more pragmatic things which have to be prepared before leaving home.

Financial issues should be dealt with and organised for a smooth beginning. If it is your first time to Europe or another continent, it is always difficult to guess how much money to bring in the first weeks of settling down. Budget planning is imperial in case any problems arise. Secondly, travel insurance sorted out back home typically will not be valid in the country you are staying in after you take up residence (as you are no longer considered to be travelling). So, the health insurance policy of the target country should be studied in great detail since it helps find the right services in case of an illness or an accident.

Going to the UK

We all know Kiwi’s prefer to make London their first European pit-stop for their OE as it is the largest English speaking city, making it very promising for employment. For those that may be starting their adventure in the UK without knowing anyone, it is a relief to know that when things start to get pear shaped and funds are low – relatives back home have the ability to send money abroad when owning a PayPal account.

The great thing to know about this particular method of money sending is that the sender does not have to pay any fees when transferring from a PayPal or bank account. So it is worth giving it a thought.

With regard to insurances in the UK, it is good to know how the health system works. The National Health Service (NHS), should be the first point of contact for new arrivals. After completing the registration process with this service, people have access to a wide range of subsidised medical services.