Sol3 Mio returns to London

Sol3 Mio returns to London

Catch Sol3 Mio live tonight at 7pm at Sign of the Don.


Sol3 Mio arrive UK

After their debut in London, in February, Sol3 Mio is back with a new single and hopes to carry on some traditions from home.

The boys – as they are affectionately known – arrived April 4th, and their first UK release, The Sol3 Mio EP, launched April 7th. They’ll be performing some old opera favourites, as well as some contemporary pop tracks, at Sign of the Don tonight.

During they’re trip, they’re also going to be visiting a few retirement homes to give private performances. This is a tradition the two tenor brothers, Pene and Amitai Pati, and their baritone cousin Moses Mackay started when they were growing up in Whanganui.

The boys signed a UK record deal last year, after their debut album topped Lorde‘s Pure Heroine on NZ charts late 2013 and became the highest selling album of the year in the country, reaching platinum sales in just six weeks.

Catch Sol3 Mio live tonight at 7pm at Sign of the Don (21 St Swithins Lane, London, EC4N 8AD). It’s a free entry gig and there will be food and drink served.